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With so many choices in the area, if you use these guidelines, and the information within this site, you should be able to find the hostel that suits you perfectly. Using our extensive experience with backpackers hostels in the area, we have grouped them into indexes using criteria important to backpackers.

Here's how to quickly find the hostel that suits you best for your stay in Cairns

1. Think of the kind of place that you would be happiest in.

2. Follow the link to the index that suits you best.

3. Work through the list and find the perfect place to stay!

4. Once you find the hostel, use the contact information provided to contact the hostel directly and make your booking.





Hostels in city; Want to be right in the middle of all the action? These hostels are centrally located in the Central Business District. The cafes, nightclubs, shops and other Cairns businesses will be right at your doorstep.

Hostels in town Want to be near the action, but not right in the middle of it? These hostels are anywhere from ½ km to 8km from downtown. They are by no means isolated, small rows of shop and cafes are scattered throughout the city. Most run free shuttles to and from the downtown area.

Hostels Near Dive Schools: Learning to dive? Even though all dive schools run will transport you to and from your classes, many people find it convenient to stay near the dive school itself. These hostels are all located walking distance to one or more of the dive schools. Both the hostel and the dive schools nearby are listed.

Big Hostels If you like the opportunity to meet lots of people, these large hostels might be a good choice for you. They tend to be a little more busy, and to offer features like onsite cafés, internet access, bars, and recreational facilities.

Small Hostels These smaller hostels might be just the perfect place for you if you prefer smaller groups, and a quieter lifestyle.

Hostels near the Esplanade:
These hostels are located alongside Cairns' beautiful shoreline park, a great place for relaxing, walks and runs. These hostels are also a short walk from the marina, where dive boats depart.

Do you just want to see all the possible hostels all at once, go to our index of All Backpackers Hostels in the area.