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About the Reef

With over 2900 coral reefs, 400 species of coral, hundreds and hundreds of species of fish and other brilliantly colored marine life, ranging in size from barely visible crustaceans to Humpback whales the Great Barrier Reef is truly an amazing place.

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Cairns is the most popular gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The reef here is close by, in less than an hours’ boat ride from Cairns you can be in the water and seeing it for yourself. More distant parts of the reef are reachable only by liveaboard boats, which stay out on the reef for two to fourteen days.


If you come here, don't pass up the chance to see this amazing and beautiful ecosystem. If you want to learn more about we recommend you attend Reef Teach, a great evening seminar on the Great Barrier Reef.




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Are you a certified diver planning on diving on the Great Barrier Reef? Cairns is the ideal starting point, as there are more dive operators and dive trips to choose from than other other place. There are trips ranging from one to 12 days in length, trips for budget backpackers, and full-on luxury trips….something perfect suited to you is offered by some dive operator in Cairns.

We don’t have space here to describe to you the opportunities you have, someone has already done that. Check out; they have indexed the complete range of dive trips, as well as other adventures. Great website!

Most boats here cater to both snorkelers and divers, so snorkellers have an equally great opportunity to see the reef. Nearly all operators also offer introductory scuba dives for a modest extra charge; a great thrill and easy way to try scuba diving.

Learn to Dive
There are four dive schools in Cairns, and competition between the schools keeps the value high and the prices low. The dive industry here has an excellent safety record, and thousands of backpackers get certified to dive here annually.

Dive courses take from four to six days. The first two days are spent in the classroom and pool learning the theory and skills. The following days are spent diving on the reef, you will make a minimum of four training dives, followed by any recreational dives you make by a newly certified diver. Once you have earned your dive certification you can dive anywhere in the world.

Interesed in learning to dive? Be sure to check our our page on dive courses.