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Cairns is a vibrant city of 120,000 with a unique lifestyle that celebrates the incredible natural bounty that surrounds it. Reminders of the Great Barrier Reef, the local tropical rainforests, and the outback that lies just over the coastal mountains are everywhere. Things are a bit more laid back here than other parts of Australia, in part due to the warm tropical climate.

The number of restaurants and cultural opportunities here are much greater than you would expect for a city this size, in part due to influence of the many different cultures that both have settled and visit here.

Cairns has more nightclubs and restaurants per capita than any other Australian city. The annual calendar is filled with a succession of festivals, concerts, sporting events and other opportunities, all of which welcome visitors.





Cairns is also a very sporting town, with an active set of sports enthusiasts. You will find much more than scuba divers here, with triathlon, mountain biking, beach volleyball, kitesurfing, basketball, climbing, fishing, kayaking and many other outdoor pursuits being especially popular. Most sports clubs welcome visitors as participants in their events.

To the north of town lie the beach communities, strung out like pearls on a string. Each beach town has it’s own personality, with some busy and resort-like, others nearly empty. An efficient local bus service is an easy way of getting out to relax on the beaches. The morning runs into town filled with students and workers being quite a contrast from the many towel-carrying beachgoers headed out of the city.

To us though, the best thing about staying in Cairns is that it's such a great base to explore the three amazing natural wonders of Australa; the Great Barrier Reef, the tropical rain forests, and the outback. Each of these is right here in the backyard, and the links below will take you to further information about each.

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