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Your complete guide to Cairn Backpackers Hostels and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Large Cairns Backpackers Hostels

These are the larger hostels in town, with 80 beds or more. Being larger they often have onsite cafes and taverns, and more extensive recreational facilities. If you like the potential for a more social environment one of these might be a good choice. If you prefer things a little quieter and calmer one of the smaller hostels might be a better choice.
Asylum Backpackers Cairns

Custer of homes/apartments, 50 rooms, 130 beds, 1km from Central Business district, 4 blocks to the Esplanade, shops 2 nearby. family owned and operated.
Includes: Pool, garden, BBQ, pool table... More Info

Dorm $19  Single $34 Twin $48  Double $48
Bellview Hostel

Hotel/Motel, in Central Business District, on the Esplanade, shops and cafes right outside the door, family owned and operated. Includes: air-conditioning, pool, laundry, kitchen, TV room... More Info

Dorm $24  Single $49 Twin $49 Double $49
Bohemia Central Backpackers Hostel

Cluster of small apartments and homes. 110 beds, 1.5km from Central Buiness district. Located on quiet end of Esplanade.
Includes: on-site cafe, pool, spa, kitchen... More Info

Dorm $23 Single $49 Twin $69 Double $69
Bohemia Resort

Purpose-built hostel, 70 rooms, 2.5km from Central Buiness District, short walk to shops, family owned and operated.
Includes: Large pool, bar, internet cafe, BBQ, laundry, licensed bar/restaurant... More Info

Dorm $23 Twin/Double $59 Dbl/Bath $79
Cairns Beach House

Large apartment complex, recently totally remodeled, 160 beds, 2km from Central Business District, right next to shops/cafes.Includes: Beer garden, bistro, large pool, kitchen, BBQ, laundry, internet/[phone facility...More Info

Dorm $23 Twin/Double $59 Twin/Double ensuite $80
Cairns Central YHA

Apartment/Motel in Central Business District, 156 beds, shops and cafes close by.
Includes: Pool, ceiling fans, kitchen, mail services, tour desk. bicycles, car parking, TV... More Info

Dorm $25, Double/Twin $67 Double/Twin w/bath $85
Calypso Inn

Cluster of houses, 165 beds, 1.5 km from Central Buiness District, short walk to shops/cafes. Includes: Large pool, licensed bar/restaurant, internet facillities, night security watchman, daily room cleaning... More Info

Dorm $24 Twin $54 Double $54
Caravella's Backpackers 149

Cluster of homes and small apartments, 130 beds, 2km from Central Buiness district, on the Esplanade, short walk to shops and cafes.Includes: tour desk, swimming pool, BBQ, Pool table, table tennis, TV/Video... More Info

Dorm $22 Single $42 Twin $57 Double $57
Esplanade Hostel

Apartment, 50 rooms, 130 beds, in Central Business district, on the Esplanade, shops and cafes adjacent. Includes: Pool, garden, BBQ, Sky TV, air conditioning, laundry, tour desk. Free: airport/bus/train transfers, luggage storage More Info

Dorm $20  Twin $57  Double $57
Gilligan's Backpackers

Purpose-built hostel, 150+ beds, in Central Buiness district. Close to Pro Dive Cairns dive school. Includes: ensuite bathrooms, fridge, TV, Pool, linen, air-conditioned, internet cafe, social evenings, bar, casino, 24-hour reception, live entertainment, laundry.

Dorm $22 Twin $120 Double $120
Global Palace

Hotel/Apartment, recently totally remodeled, 165 beds, in Central Business District, shops and cafes right outside the front door. Includes: air-conditioning, mirrors, carpet, TV/reading room, Internet access... More Info

Dorm $23  Twin $52  Double$54
Globetrotters International

Cluster of homes/Aparments, 80 beds, 1km from Central Business district. Shops/cafes/Esplanade very close by. (2 week min. stay) Includes: Apartments fully self-contained. Rooms wfridge, linen, shared kitchen/bath.... More Info

Dorm $18  Single $40 Twin $44  Double $52
International Hostel

Hotel, 140 beds, on the Esplanade and in Central Business District, shops and cafes downstairs.
Includes: Spring mattresses, laundry, kitchen, tour desk, garden, sun deck... More Info

Dorm $18 Twin $50 Double $51
Njoy! Backpackers Resort

Apartment/Motel, 150 beds, 1.5km from Central Business district. Shops/cafes close by. Includes: room fridge and sinks, swimming pool, pool table, Free wireless internet.TV room, kitchen, laundry More Info

Dorm $22 Single $38 Twin $52 Double $52 Twin or double/bath $62
Serpent Hostel

Purpose-built hostel, 290 beds, located 3km from Central Business district, 2 blocks from Esplanade. Shops 2 blocks away.Includes: Large pool, AC, sand volleyball, tour desk, TV lounge, internet, bar/cafe... More Info

Dorm $14 Single $65 Twin $65 Double $65